We have a long-term experience of the installation of timber-frame panel houses. Consequently, installation work on the construction site is performed quickly and ensures a high quality. Special attention to the quality of panel house installation ensures durability of the house and tightness of the building.

Produced panels are packed in PVC film, to ensure dry storage and transportation.

Panels are loaded vertically to tent trucks according to loading schemes prepared during design stage. This enables an optimal unloading sequence, so the crane working hours are minimal.

The Sentral Godkjenning certificate (for installation and roofing works) proves that we have a team of professional and experienced employees. 

During the installation phase we regularly perform strict quality control tests. The maximum possible completeness of timber-frame panels in the factory as well as prepared installation drawings guarantee a shorter installation time on the construction site. Timber-frame panels are protected from adverse environmental conditions, therefore can be installed in any weather. Client receives production drawings, with clear marking of panels in the project, so overall assembly porcess is as smooth as possible. 

After installing timber-frame panel house, we perform a vacuum test, thus proving the quality of the installation process. The installation team performs warranty work promptly and accurately for five years after the project is handed over. 

External wall panels for apartment buildings are installed by teams that have necessary experience. Our main advantage is many years of experience in such projects. 

Son, Norway
Halden, Norway
Vesterålen, Norway
Molde, Norway
Son, Norway
Trodheim, Norway
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